Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Random Rant

Sophie likes car-rides. Sophie likes nursing. Can somebody PLEASE invent a carseat which allows for nursing your child in a moving car without compromising their safety?

My beautiful and independent toddler can entertain herself (and her rapt audience) for about an hour or so in the car-seat. She can look out of the window and sign the genus of all the animals she sees, and make all the related bovine/ovine/canine/porcine/feline noises (who needs a tour guide?!). She can entertain us with narrations (complete with the kissing sound-effects!) of the on-going (but ultimately doomed) love affair between the Very Hungry Caterpillar and Mao-Mao. (see below)

BUT when she wants sleep, then somehow those bottles of formula don't work the same soporific magic as warm mommy milk.

Then I have a real mommy-dilemma: Should I take her out of her car-seat and nurse her or not?

Damn it's sometimes so hard to be a parent. When you have to make such finely balanced judement calls in your personal life, those pain-staking cost-benefit analysis and decision trees I do up at work seem so simple by comparison. A multi-million dollar bid price for a project becomes a doddle !

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Sprog Mamma said...

Don't do it. I usually give V a pacifier when she gets ansy in the car but when she really goes crazy we have to stop and get her calmed down before we can get going again.