Tuesday, September 18, 2007

If your life was a movie now - would you believe it?

Sometimes I think I am living a dream. I read a couple of Facebook poll questions of the "where would you like to be" or "what would you like to do" variety, and I must be an exceedingly boring pollster. Or at least that is my excuse for not bothering!

I wouldn't want to change a thing. Honestly. My life is pretty far from perfect, but I can live with all its flawed and human glory.

Of course, that doesn't mean I don't want to ever stop trying to: (1) shed some ancient post-natal pounds (2) effect some meaningful change in this world (3) increase the number of personal vegan days per week. My complete to-do list is reams and reams of A4, but that was just a random sampling.

When I say I wouldn't want to change, I mean that I have stopped beating myself up for not achieving all these things. Somehow having a kid has made me a kinder person, begining with myself and my own (previously) sky-high personal expectations.

Fabien and I were talking about this last night, whilst reviewing our latest fantastic weekend.

If our life was a movie would you find our characters believable?

If our life was a movie now, I would spend all the time waiting for something terrible to happen. Somebody has to die, or at least have an affair, otherwise it would be a very boring movie.

Do you want to have an affair?

No, I got two really demanding women already, so I don't have any time.

Yeah - let's adopt another girl then you can have 3...

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