Monday, September 17, 2007

Kaapstad via London

Joan is part of our extended family - she's Sophie's godmother. So when she and her brother did the whistle-stop tour of China we enjoyed a Beijing weekend of great dining and an early morning trip (for them!) to the Great Wall.

I think it's wonderful that Sophie will have the chance to enjoy godparents from totally different cultures and environments to her parents. Fabien and I deliberately chose godparents for her that were younger (slightly) and with very different personalities from ourselves so that hopefully she will enjoy the diversity and it's a reminder to us that "our" way isn't always the "right" way.

Over a waterpipe and drinks, we discussed how Singapore and (White) South Africa are really alike because it's a small population with a constant siege mentality. And everyone is worried about "what the neighbours would say". Also we agreed to come back to whampoa club on a corporate expense account at some other time!

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