Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cannot comment on other pple's blogs

I think censorship is stupid and internet censorship even more so.

But what completely hacks me off is when this theorethical debate translates into practical problems, like now, when I cannot comment on other people's blogs.

I always need to put in my 2 RMB worth of opinion. And now I can see the blogs courtesy of bloglines (*thanks to Mini), but I cannot post my comments.

soooo... 2 comments that have been on the tip of my tongue/keyboard...

@ Dos Centavos - I hope your dog is feeling better now. You didn't miss much of a game anyway.
@ Peter - your vacation photos are awesome! Makes me want to run around in leiderhosen (and yodel).

1 comment:

mini said...

eeeks what a pita. try googling for a "free internet proxy". maybe u can bypass the censorship that way ...