Sunday, September 09, 2007

It was GREAT!!

It is the last weekend with my mom in Beijing (she leaves back to Singapore this week) - so we treated ourselves and spent it here and I don't think we wanted to come back! The weekend was super because:

1) upgrade to a private villa (for the little monkey to get into mischief all over)
2) 20% off spa treatment
3) sunset views of the Great Wall

I will stop sounding like an advert (in a minute) but the last plug is this:- I found it better than banyan tree, because they cater both to kids as well as honeymooners.

Pictures to follow once I get my camera downloaded (no more battery) from very photogenic moments with daughter, husband, mom and wall.

1 comment:

~e~ said...

wow.... looks great... we definitely want to check it out when we visit! ;)