Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fitness objectives

I am horrified - I can still wear my second trimester pregnancy clothes!! My "think thin" clothes are horribly tight (the kind you need to breathe in to fasten).

Must. Lose. Weight.

Especially before going to Singapore (so that I can have my laksa fix, my chilli crab and oatmeal prawns, my carrot cake and char kway teow, roti prata and milo peng...)

Oh yeah - Rhys! aren't we (Pins and Elaine) supposed to have dinner at that awesome restaurant where the chef is your army buddy? I cannot remember the name in Chinese now, but I remember that it was YUMS.... Also there is Christmas in France and all its orgy of calorie laden goodness to look forward to.

Running? Star jumps? Any suggestions from all you fit friends out there?


mini said...

i am also a fan of teh bing. and don't forget kaya buns, breadtalk, mee siam ...ahh *dreams*

anyway i am most unfit and gained major weight in singapore so i can't give suggestions :)

Sprog Mamma said...

Ha ha at least you are not pregnant again like me. Ha ha I really feel huge. We unpacked a ton of boxes this week and I gave a lot of things away. I think Goodwill will be able to make a good profit with our donations. When my girlfriend looked at my old running shorts she gasped, she said are these from the kids' section? I will NEVER fit into them again I think.

dc said...

The trick is to boost your metabolism. By: eating very small, frequent "meals" - say about six mini meals a day. Snack only on fresh fruits.

Don't deny yourself something though - if it's "junk", just have a tiny bit of it to stave off the cravings. You want to trick your body into thinking that you're not depriving it of anything. :-)

Honestly though, I think you look fine in your photos. It's a healthy look. As Sophie gets older, I am sure you'll be running after her all the time - which will help you lose a couple of kgs, if that's what you want.

Relax! If you feel healthy and strong, that's good enough!

Rhys said...

It's called Xi3 Yan4 and the chef was my church mate, not army buddy, but he's since left! Food is still not bad though. Let us know when you are back and we will help you pile on the kilos! heh! But seriously, running keeps off the kilos for me. None of those pansy yoga thingees!!

Michael Low said...

Being thin is wife thinks of me as "huggable". Having said that I'm six weeks away from the next triathlon and totally unprepared...I am so gonna DIE...

~e~ said...

heya, let me know if you wanna go to xi yan, i'll make the bookings. but we need a min. of 6pax.

also, don't forget beef noodles in sticky gravy..!