Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More Visitors !!

Mum arrived today, and it's quite exciting because she is spending her birthday with us. This is extra special because Fabien's birthday is on the same day (spooky right?)

Anyway, I am hoping Mum will be able to help me look for a hat for Sophie from one of the many clothing stores in China. See the hat in this photo? It was soft denim and very comfortable and it was the only one Sophie agree to have on her head for any length of time without ripping it off (like all other head gear).

Of course we managed to misplace it. Probably in Qing Dao.

Anyway, we have our iteniary with Mum all planned. We will go to the great wall and stay overnight at one of the funky places they have there. And we will go to Chengde (summer retreat of the emperors) and just have a blast. Even more fun because Alessandro and Gianni (our friends from Italy) are coming on Friday, so we will have loads to do together.

And then, just after Mum leaves, Joan (Sophie's godmother) will come.

We will be extremely busy and happy.


rene said...

haha cute photo. Lucas does the same with anything on his head..

Anonymous said...

Je sais tu sera faire bien avec l'article. Sophie a grandi tres vite!...peut-etre parce que elle voyage beaucoup non?
Sharlyn a commence chanter les chanson Francais le dernier mois apres notre vacances. Ce me fait plaisir.