Friday, August 10, 2007

Busy but lovin' it

I think I am going to be crushed by the tsunami of paper that is coming at me. I am getting stuck in a major FIDIC arbitration involving long nights in the office and handbanging and hand-wringing. But deep down inside I love it! Having signed up to write this article for an industry journal, I spent last Sunday in the office.

In the meantime I am juggling work, family, social life. I think if I stopped running around like a mad cow I would sleep for a week. But the thing to avoid (I guess) is burn out. I felt close to that last week, but this week is much better.

It's fantastic that my mother is coming for a vacation next Wednesday.

Then friends from Turin - Alessandro and Gianni are going to come to see us, and I am trying to arrange for us to all go to Chengde for a weekend trip.

Although that is the weekend that I (sigh) submissions due on Monday for an arbitration with my boss in Hong Kong.

So it is all madness.

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Michael Low said...

Glad that you are having a great time at work, but you know what is scary? That's probably one of the few posts I can remember where you haven't mentioned Sophie at all...