Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Car Seat?

Compared to the previous poetic epiphany this is going to be a truly pedastrian post appealing to a tiny minority of the reading population of this blog...

The question is:
What Car Seat do you use for your kid?

You see, I am going on a road trip to Cheng De this weekend, and we need to pop Sophie in a car seat.

And I feel overwhelmed by the selection. Methinks she is not going to be pleased whichever one we select. You don't need a carseat in a cab here, so normally what I do in the cab is that I wear Sophie in the Ergo baby carrier, and then strap myself into the seatbelt. At least she won't go flying out of the windshield in the event of an accident, and she can snuggle up to Mom. She might get whiplash though!

Our standards are probably more lax in a short taxi ride down the road, but for a long road trip, then there is no question about the car-seat - she will get one.


jeannie said...

kait uses maxi cosi

Sprog Mamma said...

We have two that we really like:

In my car there is the Britax Marathon, convertible to about 2-4 years depending on how giant your kid gets. Very safe but big.

In Deme's car, the Britax Roundabout, a tiny bit smaller, just as safe, we chose this one for his car b/c it came with a more manly cover. Also convertible until 2-4 years.

These two are the safest out there and we love them.

rene said...

Britax marathon is GREAT! Esp for long trips, i find this one is very comfortable and designed well for kiddos