Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Fab!

Happy Birthday to you! You're 30 years old, have a great career, friends and the company of a female that loves you dearly (not the cat). But I guess the greatest achievement, pride and joy in your life right now is that this little monster gets cuter by the moment...

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nico said...

helllo the Thibault family !!!
it's a long time since i haven't seen you..and Sophie !!!
Wow, she's really really cute !! you all look very happy, and it's so great !!
so Happy birthday fab (I'm late, again....) i wish you joy and happyness for your 30' !!
and I hope we'll meet very soon !!
"des milliers de bisous à tous les 3" (excuse me for my "non-english")

nico thulie