Monday, August 27, 2007

3 Weekend Snapshots

We are at Fauchon for Sunday brunch, and Sophie toddles around in search of waitresses to charm (by going up to their knee, tugging on their trouser leg and saying "hi"). A neighbouring diner says "she is so well behaved" because despite being all smiles and curiousity, she leaves well alone the cutlery and all the other things we tell her not to touch. And my husband and mother smile because we all feel like we are bursting with pride (and chocolate eclairs).
We are having a drink, enjoying the first autumn breeze, and speaking of many things, some purely administrative, some entirely speculative. All of a sudden, in mid-conversation, you say completely matter-of-factly "I think that you are a really good mommy", and I feel suddenly awed. Loving you makes me want to be a better person because you believe that I am a much better person (than I sometimes think I am).
Finding on your wrist,
the smell of our daughter's bath,
bring bubbles of joy

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DC said...

It freaks me out when people think I am other than who I perceive myself to be.

But the good thing about loved ones is that, it doesn't matter either way. :-) Not to mention, the incentive to be better is second to none!