Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Not all bad

Yesterday I was depressed with sick kid and sick husband. But there are always little silver linings as long as you look for them.

I love my job I love my boss. I worked from home for part of today, and by 4pm, Sophie seemed well and active enough for me to take her to a Kindermusik trial class.

I cannot stop raving about Karen's music class. Small class size, short class, and (most importantly) a wonderfully enthusiastic teacher who does does ASL signing together with the class as well...

Sophie (and mummy!) loved it so much that we signed up for all the once a week classes in the summer. The only problem is to figure out who to take her to class. The whole class is conducted in English, and I think the aiyi is going to have a problem.

Does that mean I have to hire someone else to take her to class?!!

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