Saturday, June 09, 2007

The 3 strings story

I was a little hurt some time ago when one of my friends told me (quite honestly!) that she doesn't want to read this blog because she's gets jealous of my "perfect" life with husband, job and baby. I was hurt because it seemed a little like rejection, and then I reflected a little, and in her honour I dedicate this post.

I blog for a variety of reasons - getting to know people, allowing them to see into our lives, keeping up with old friends, and as a kind of record for myself for all of life's beautiful gifts. Which doesn't mean that crap doesn't happen. Of course it does. But I just see no point in blogging about it. Sure, that's one dimensional, and there is a great deal of things that bug me which fretting about won't help. Like the times when Fab and I miss each other so much that when he phones we get into a fight because of his crazy job. Ilike the thoughts I have of my grandfather dying of cancer in Singapore. And of course the general stress I feel about leaving my only child at home to the care of people who are (in effect) total strangers.

There is a this urban legend about Itzhak Perlman playing a concerto after snapping a string in his violin. Even if the story isn't true, it still appeals to the sentimental streak in all of us. Which is what I want to remember in the midst of any negativity which we have in our lives. Speak to me inner earth goddess!!


Xavier said...

In addition to your seemingly "perfect" life, you put and have a positive outlook on what you do. Or so I feel.

Oh! And I would rather have a perfect wife than a perfect husband ;)

rene said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and I am so glad you are still blogging amidst your busy schedule now juggling work and baby! :)

sohcool said...

Reading your blog, I was envious of your travelling lifestyle. Then when I read my own blog, I felt really contented with my own lifestyle. So it does not matter how people feel about reading your blog, it's their choice.

I totally agree with you on the reasons why you blog. I tried not to write/express negative moments of my life. In many years down the road, I rather read happy memories than sad temporary passage of my life.

Keep on writing the way you want.

Fioleta said...

Here is my opinion (as the person who doesn’t know you in real life) – I think you lead very interesting busy life; I love how positive your blog is; but I can also tell that your life isn’t 100% rosy – it is obvious that you miss your husband, that you have to make not-always-easy decisions, etc.

All the best to you.