Sunday, June 03, 2007

How fast time flies

One thing I like about living at a temperate lattitude is that the seasons remind you that time marches steadily forward. The other thing is that photos don't lie even if your memory fades.

This photo above is the view from the window outside Sophie's room when there was a freak snow-storm in March. Just when you think it is safe to start wearing spring clothes...

And this great view (one of my favourite non-Sophie pictures taken in this house) is from our balcony in May.

And in case you thought this would be a Sophie-free post this is the infanta one year ago on this day...

I really should take more photos but our digital camera has given up the ghost. So I am just doing some reasearch into which replacement camera I should get.

Does anyone have some recommendations?


Liyi said...

Canon Ixus 70. I swear by Canon and it captures photos fast and it's good for night photos too. Plus the Ixus 70 is very slim and light. It also has a large view screen so you don't need to squint. It costs SGD499, with a TWO GB memory card.

Eugene said...

panasonic lumix tz3. 10X optical zoom 7.2 megapixels.


canon powershot g7. 6X optical zoom 4X digital zoom. 10 megapixels.