Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Disease and Pestilence have made their way into our household.

Fabien brought back some sniffles, headache and the runs. In the incubation time that he has been happily spending time with her, GUESS how long it took for him to infect our lovely daughter?

Of course, this has to happen in a week when I am busy at work and have to work from home to care for my sick husband and sick kid.

Faster than an electronic affidavit, Stronger than a stupid ol' virus, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super Mummy !!!


jeannie said...

Super moms of the world unite! Seems like the flu season has come to more places than one at the same time. Singapore is forecasted to be sniffly all the way till July. Stay hydrated and warm. And keep yourself well too with lots of lemon and honey and some fresh air.

Michael Low said...

Hey..look on the bright side. It could be much worse. At least you can work from home...or worse, it could be YOU that caught the bug...ooops...have I jinxed it by saying it out loud??? Take lots of fluids dear...