Monday, March 13, 2006

Welcome for the Weekend

Sebastien came to visit for the Weekend! He went to ski in the mountains with Fabien. I am really glad that Fabien can do all the stuff which he would really like to do before the baby arrives! We now mark time into BB (Before Baby) and AB (After Baby)..

Anyway, for me, skiiing seems a bit out of the question. I felt slightly left out, because we originally discussed me coming along just to watch, but then I was coughing too much to really wander so far from the house (*am STILL sick dammit). So I went to the modern art museum instead for a slow walk around the installation art...

Anyways, I want to introduce you to this valuable tool - the Birth Ball! It seems like one of the best investments in baby-related paraphernalia we'd bought so far... Very comfortable to sit on, but the exercise it can do to stretch your back prevents pregnancy related back-ache to (what I think) is a large extent. Don't get pregnant without one!


rhys said...

damnit! you mean the exercise ball i have been using in the gym is called a "birth ball"?! argh!

mini said...

hey my coworker has one of those bouncy balls! apparently it helps improve posture even for the non pregnant ladies out there!