Thursday, March 02, 2006

Acrobatics on skis

This is me with Gliz and Neve - the 2 winter olympic mascots. We went to watch the women's freestyle aerials. For more professional looking photos, click on this link

The idea is to slide down a slope very quickly, and lift off a ramp (like ski-jumping), but instead of just distance, the idea is to excute lots of interesting manuveres and turns mid-flight.

Fab managed to take these photos - I was not there. This is because the day we went with Pins, the event was rescheduled due to heavy snow. This is a photo of the eventual winner. She's looking extremely satisfied with herself!

This is a photo of people attending to a casualty. The olympic atheletes make it look so easy and effortless we sometimes forget just how dangerous what they are doing is. An accident reminds us that the margin for error between a stunning manuvere and serious bodily harm can be just so fine...


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Anonymous said...

looks cool - what is ski jumping?