Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Weekend at Courmayer

We were invited by some Italian friends to their ski appartment in Courmayer. They are Fillipo and Valeria, a really lovely couple in a "long distance" relationship.. Savligano to Milan!

Fillipo and Fabien skied on the first day. Valeria and I caught some sun in deck chairs on the slopes, and everyone met up for lunch later. This is Fab on the piste modelling his new ski-pants!

For me, it is not possible to ski when you are this pregnant..

So what else do you do? It would have been nice if someone could pull me along like this!

On the second day, Valeria went to ski, so I explored some footpaths in the mountain forests, and then came home to sit by the fire and finish reading Ian McEwan's "Saturday" which according to Peter Kemp, is a "very brainy book" - about a neurosurgeon! This is Fillipo at his fireplace, we spent the evenings drowsing at the fire. Altogether a lovely experience and I'm hoping we come back with our bambini ...

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jhybe turtle said...

looking gorgeous babe :) can't wait for may!!

lots of love,