Sunday, February 27, 2005

Why use real names?

Should I use real or fake names on this blog? I say real names principally because I want to update my friends and family about the going -ons in Fabien and my life, and I feel that saying: "today I met a new friend... errm, let's call him Bob" just doesn't work. We are going to move to a new place and meet lots of new people, and I want to be able to paint the picture as it is.

What are the dangers or concerns? Well, given that this is a public internet site, the resultant loss of privacy for my friends might be annoying. However the counter argument for that is simply that the only intended audience of this blog are family and friends, so any random passer by that chances on this site wouldn't find it particularly interesting and wouldn't know any of these people anyway. Why flatter yourself that your life is of any real interest to the random rest of the world other than your immediate circle? I guess the only real concern is if I state "today we are going on holiday to Majorca for 3 weeks - our address is something-street, please come and plunder our house and all our worldly belongings".

Hummm. Anyways, I leave it to the sensibilities of my family and friends to tell me if they object to using whatever name they are known to me as. Of course my family gets it easy, because Pa is still Pa and Ma is still Ma and Ah Ma (bless her) is not online anyway..

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Grand Ma said...

what makes you think that your grandma is not online!