Monday, February 28, 2005

Sunshine in my soul

I am an optimist. I considered writing this post anonymously, using thinly disguised code names for people and events that really piss me off. After all the fun of posting anonymously means that you can bitch and whinge all you want right? But then I figured that there is enough negativity around already, so why multiply it through repetition? If it served a useful purpose, like helping people learn from mistakes I have committed, then yeah - perhaps. Failing which I think that we should celebrate and remember the happy things, and appreciate the nice things that people do, so we do not take them for granted.

So, over this weekend this is a list of things I am happy about:

1) We bought our i-book! Have become an Apple convert now. Fab spent the weekend playing with our new toy.

2) Lee Yee and Tze Hua bought another going-away present - the BAG to put the i-book into! Now I can walk to class with my Apple and there is enough place to put a notebook (for traditional note-taking) Thank you my dears! (*big hug*) I am most defintely sending a thank you note to Tze Hua this morning.

3) Gayathri is together with Brad (*YAY!*) they look very happy together and I am absolutely delighted for them. Although I did threaten Brad with actual bodily harm should he only be messing with her. I don't think so - they are in luuurrvvee and it is fantastic.

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