Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Road Ahead

Right, some people have asked what lies ahead for me and Fab. The simple answer is I really don't know. What I DO know is:

1) We are moving out of our appartment and into Fraser Suite on 22 March
2) 28 March 2005 is our last day in Singapore
2) We'll arrive in Turin on 29 March, and stay in a hotel and look for a permanent place to live
3) My first day of School is 31 March where I report to school (ok university) in Turin, where I will be doing a short course in International Trade Law
4) Fabien's first day of work is 1 April (nope it's not a joke) where he will be working on another Alstom project

5) we will be having another wedding celebration in France on 4 June 2005, and hopefully get to see all our friends again!

Other things which I do know:
1) Fabien is my lover, best friend, mate for life and the father of our future children both biological and adopted
2) that our life may not always be easy, because nomadic life can be tough, but I wouldn't change anything - you have that one life, and you make what you will of it
3) that I do sometimes really miss my family and friends (that means you) even though I haven't even left them yet! However your family will always be there for you, as will your friends (not the hello and goodbye kind, but the solid pillar kind of friendship which deep down inside you just KNOW)

Right. Hope that made everything crystal clear - just in case you were the one asking

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