Friday, February 25, 2005

No driving license can be a drag..

Last night I just took a quick look at the text-books which Nisha kindly got for me (big HUG) It's a little intimidating (gulp) and I really get a little nervous at the thought of going back to school again. We don't have a place to stay yet, and Fabien is nagging me about not having a driving license. The rationale is that IF we both had a driving license, then we wouldn't have to worry about looking for a house/appartment near a train/metro station or something. But I think that even IF i had a driving license, we would not buy 2 cars anyway...

more miscellanous info---
Nisha (the other one) is going to France for french class. I hope she finds one near us so that she can visit in Turin. Gayathri has just been invited to join this blog - I hope your office mail lets you.

Hey - if any of you object to me using your names on this blog you better tell me now so that I can "fictionalise" you. Otherwise I will just be writing your actual names because it otherwise defeats the purpose of this being an "open and honest" update on our lives.

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