Sunday, March 09, 2008

Weekends are for...

I just created a new Facebook album, which is an amalgamation of the various happy weekends that we've had in Beijing. We are blessed on so many accounts and I try hard not to forget it, hence this blog.

Today we were in the Chaoyang park and whilst walking around enjoying the arrival of spring, we saw a couple of university art students taking photos for their coursework. One of them approached us and asked if they could take photos of Sophie. I was under the impression they like her "exotic" looks.

But what they liked was that she is so easily entertained. Chasing bubbles around kept her endless enchanted for the "action" shots that the students needed.

I hope they get a good grade.

But anyway, Sophie really enjoyed it.

Check out our other weekend photos here.

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Sprog Mamma said...

You guys look great and Sophie is changing into a darling little signorina. I love the wild hair do!