Monday, March 10, 2008

Unexpected blessings

I made somebody happy a few days ago.

There is absolutely nothing in it for me, unless you count that warm glow that comes from knowing that you made somebody's day and they were completely not expecting it!

Fortune smiles at those who appreciate her gifts.


I think Sophie, Fab and I are just so lucky to have the life that we do. I'd love to believe that we somehow planned all this. But that would be completely false. Anything we have now - good health, careers, happy idyllic family life is there because we have are today the recipients of Fortune's sunny smiles. It's the kind of illusion that can shatter at any time, and it can all be removed in one cruel swoop.

If I fear anything, it is the loss of all that I hold close to my heart. But by recognizing that this can happen any time, you tame the fear.

You don't need to read a lot of Greek Tragedy to be deeply aware that we control so very little in our lives. So we seize the day, freely distribute our bounty, because we do not know when the wheel can turn again.

If you can give today, of your time, affection, attention or indeed paltry monetary resources, then you are twice blessed.


One of the books that I want to get for Sophie is "The Giving Tree" and I cannot wait for Mom to come to read it to her!

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mini said...

you said it well...thanks for the reminder to cherish the moment!