Thursday, March 13, 2008

Crass Materialists are Us.

Big Dilemma.

Sophie is out-growing her cot, so we actually do need to change her bed.

I am hesitating between a Stokke "Sleepi" cot which I think is lovely, and a Flexa one.

Fabien innocently asks "What is wrong with a normal large cot from Ikea?"

I had all the arguments about why it is more ergonomic, better for your child's back, and general health and well being.

But the honest answer is because it just looks so... pretty....

I cannot answer him.

I feel slightly ashamed for being blatantly consumerist. We have just bought tickets to Turandot, and they cost an insane amount of money. I didn't notice it until my office secretary (who booked the tickets for me) politely informed me that we have just spent her one month's salary. I felt incredibly bad, and promised myself that I will take her somewhere nice to lunch next week.

Clearly not bad enough -

Don't get me started on how much I want an Xplory. I think that with the pollution in Beijing, it is better for kids to be lifted away from the exhaust fumes at level when they are in a stroller. Pollution is also my excuse for why I've just bought another 2 huge air purifiers for our house. I work hard for my money - who do I feel so bad spending it? I guess because there is a part of me that thinks this is wasteful. It's the value systems that both Fabien and me grew up with I think. That you should only spend money on truly essential items.


Anonymous said...

I say buy it. When sophie has outgrown it you can probably still sell it away. hehee

Anonymous said...

isn't the cot made so sophie can grow into it? you'll actually be saving money! and the pollution is really bad in BJ so the purfifiers are so justified. :)

sorry I am an enabler hehe

mini: i can't seem to log on for some reason. grrr

Sprog Mamma said...

i have a air purifier in the kids room and i love it, it helps to keep the air clean and clears out the room when we have to clean out the diaper pail.

i want a lot of things for the babies too. we get clothes from friends and do not need more than one pair of shoes every 6 months but you know I am a sucker for strollers.

I like the Stokke bed too but think that the oval shape is cute as well but not worth the price. I bought a crib that can be changed to a toddler bed later and we bought both cribs, second hand.

jeannie said...

I have a good reason: because the Ikea cots are made of compressed wood with surface finish fixed on with noxious glue emitting unhealthy fumes that can damage child's developing system. Hopefully then your Stokke is made of natural hardwood which would be so much better for her!