Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sandcastles with Ella

I am a dingbat - I managed to forget to bring my camera, so this comes from Darcie's camera which she kindly emailed to me.

Anyway, I have been attending a conference in Singapore and have been pretty busy. But Sophie has a busier schedule than me. Maybe I should get her a blackberry so that she can email me :)

Here she is on a playdate with our meeting-once-a-year friends Ella and Darcie at East Coast sandcastle areas [** note to mini and e~ Those are built by other people in some kind of corporate team building exercise]. She's adjusted to the heat quite well considering she is a polar bear.

My daughter does not need Earth hour, she doesn't use heating at all in winter, and has barely used disposable diapers. Although maybe _we_ do because (sigh) we use air-conditioning in summer because it is unbearably hot in Beijing without it. Desertification has come to the city. My friends previously asked me whether I am going to boycott the olympics in Beijing I guess with our second child due at that time, this is a moot question.


mini said...

wow did they build those sandcastles themselves? hee :)

~e~ said...

yeah, i was just thinking the same... ;)

Sprog Mamma said...

remember how crazy it was an how hard it was to get sophie to sleep with the world cup going on in italy when she was small?