Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My little Bear

I've been tardy uploading photos of the Bear lately.

But she's been getting so unbearably (geddit?) cute. I really need to figure out how to upload this video of her singing the ABC song - she can sing till "WXY..." and then she goes straight to "Now I know my ABC" and starts applauding herself... She's my positive reinforcement junkie.

Anyway, maybe it's better that she doesn't have any photos online because she's got the bruised line on the side of her face right now. I have no idea how it happened either, but I certainly don't blame the ayi because I know that it could have happened when Sophie was with me too.

Anyway, apparently there was another kid climbing up the slide when Sophie was going down, and in the ensuing crash she banged her head along the side of the slide. It must have been quite hard because she has a bruise across her cheek to under her eye. I think it looks quite cute - like a pirate!

Anyway, according to eyewitnesses she was crying for a bit, but then went again on the slide straight afterwards. Anyway, at this age they are all made of rubber right? hit them and they bounce right up again..

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mini said...

aww poor sophie ... tho she sure is brave getting up there again!