Monday, December 03, 2007

On the General Transcience of things

Ignore that uber cute little girl with the milk moustache (a real "Got Milk?" ad if there ever was one) and focus your attention to that little glass mug on the coffee table on the right hand side of this photo. That's the one that Sophie managed to break last week. We seem to have had a recent run of bad luck on drinking containers around here.

We've broken the pair of Sophie's milk glasses. These are cute glasses designed in a size easy for little hands to grasp - she likes drinking from "real glass" with one hand, just like maman and pappa. In other news, one ayi attempted to sterilize Sophie's thermos - a lovely red one which was a gift from Sophie's godmother - and the heat warped the vacuum seal. This irreplaceable in Beijing as there is no Villeroy and Boch here.

It is all really sad, and I will most definitely buy a replacement thermos (and some baby glasses) when we go to Turin. Hopefully there will be winter sales on !!

At least friendships are reasonably enduring. Thanks to Facebook, I have found a few of my friends whom I thought I had lost contact with.

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