Monday, December 10, 2007

Meet the Family!!

Sophie will be meeting all the cousins at Christmas!! (this photo happens to be just Solenn, Clarisse, Louise, Sixtine in the French Alps over summer). I guess I am so excited for her because she hasn't seen all the family for ages, and now she's going to stay with these 4 and also.. Salome, Alix, Raphaelle, Roxanne, and Joseph) .. As you can see I am panicking slightly over the christmas present shopping...

This leaves me with the philosphical musing about where Sophie's little heart will be most at home when she grows older. Will she consider herself French? Chinese? Singaporean? (since most Singaporean struggle to define themselves, I hope she'll do a better job in this last category).

Probably none and all of the above.

My personal idea of love is an infinite, limitless resource. It was something I used to argue about violently with someone I used to date. His idea was that love was finite, and that loving one extra person or new friend was that the amount of affection for everyone else would decrease. I think the amount of time you have for everyone decreases when you have alot of commitments (and knowing and caring for alot of people does mean a lot of commitment) but that is not equal to caring less for all of them. We ended over this (amongst other key differences). It was a good idea because Fab and I are in general agreement over most practical things (where to invest our money, what time is a reasonable baby bedtime) as well as most values (generousity, integrity etc...).

Our current thinking is that having more than one mother tongue, "home" country and so on, will probably ultimately enrich and not divide Sophie in the long run.

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