Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Astro Nonsense

Just for fun....
These are the star sign descriptions for Sophie, Fab and me (mixed up). Can you guess which one is which?

Star Sign 1
This child is a boisterous scatterer of energy. He goes straight to the point but doesn't always stick around to reap the benefits. He's cheerful and optimistic, perhaps expecting too much from the world. Generous with friends, he will share without counting the cost. He is courageous and loves to explore in every sense of the word. A tendency to over-eat can be counter-balanced by a love of sport.
Personality key: Optimistic, full of expectation, friendly, generous, indulgent, fair, free, philosophical, playful and energetic.

Star Sign 2
This is a fastidious child -- her eye for detail is beneficial but she needs to learn what's important. She loves cleanliness and tidiness. Her powers of discrimination may make her a choosy eater. She loves to please -- rejection will be very deeply felt. She is curious and interested in many things, always prepared to apply herself fully to the learning process.
Personality key: Analytical, clever, efficient, critical, fastidious, precise, methodical, careful and modest.

Star Sign 3
This is a materialistic, sensual child who appreciates what can be owned, tasted, touched and experienced. This is why she is so good with her hands -- she likes to produce what can be seen and appreciated. She is often content to let things remain just as they are, as she loves the security of routine. She'll be loving and generous.
Personality key: Passive, co-operative, creative, harmonious, beautiful, affectionate, moderate, indulgent, resistant, sociable and loves routine.


Irreverent Football Tragic said...

I used to think it was all nonsense until I was told about this site: http://www.astro.com/cgi/atxgen.cgi?btyp=apx&

It's uncanny how accurate the site is.

Xavier said...

My take:
Sign1: Fab'
Sign2: Soph'
Sign3: Shar'
I don't know if the he / she in descriptions are of any help, but my answers follow these cues...

jeannie said...

1: Sharon
2: Fabien
3: Sophie