Thursday, November 29, 2007

Too many thoughts in my head

I am looking forward to my Bikram Yoga session tonight. I think I'll take it reasonably easy because I haven't been for a really long time.

It's time to review the year, plan for the next. A time to sow and harvest, and rest and recharge. I get contemplative (and a little stressed) about this all.

Question marks float through my brain like those little black dots that appear in front of your eyes when you are tired. Transient things like: Where am I going with my life? Should we both plan to get another degree? Where do we see our careers going in conjunction with our family life? and of course the really important questions like: What's for dinner?

*POSTSCRIPT: this lovely picture above is taken from a book cover, the title and contents of which are self-explantory. I do not own this book, so if you are thinking of any suitable christmas presents....

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