Saturday, November 10, 2007

18 months already

"what a lucky girl she is!" my friend exclaimed when hearing about Sophie's adventures.

"You are wrong" I told my friend. "It is not that Sophie is lucky to have this life, but we (her parents) are lucky to be able to share it with her."

My dear daughter,

I am sure the blinkers of parental bias would have engendered the same passionate love; even if you were not the delight that you truly are.

Inasmuch as we would like to believe that it is down to our superb parenting skills and carefully planned organic menu, I am afraid we only had a relatively small part to play in your development.

Whether divine providence, karmic lottery, or genetic jackpot, I am absolutely convinced that your keen intelligence and extremely intense nature were entirely inborn. So far you've demonstrated that you have an excellent memory and you appear to have a precocious musicality which has sparked a great deal of excitement. Your proud parents tend to waver between finding a way to let you develop your gifts, and protecting you from unnecessary stress.

We are likely to make mistakes, we probably will cause you much emotional pain (although this will probably be nothing like what you are likely to inflict on us). Parenting must be the only job in the world where one undertakes the maximum level of risk and responsibility, coupled with no actual control. You are your own little person. A fact which fills me with wonder each time you remind me of it.

If the last 18 months were anything to go by, the next 18 years of your life will probably be alternately exhausting and exhilarating. We are just so glad to be a part of it, and never wish to forget the unique gifts you've graced our lives with - simply by being in it.

Love always - mama and papa


Irreverent Football Tragic said...

S, you need to take some credit. :-) I do love intelligent children. They're unbelievably rare. At the same time, there's something about Asian societies that really nurture smart kids... that is, until they enter elementary school and become just another clone no thanks to utterly stupid rote-learning. :-( Which, I am sure little Sophie's parents will look out for. No pressure or anything. :-) Anyway, it's always a pleasure reading you. You wrote a while ago about your friends complaining about your "perfect" life. I can sense that you work damn hard to reach your happy equilibrium. I wish I had more stamina and were less of a commitment-phobe, m'self. :-) No jealousy on my part - just incredible respect for people (who are remarkably like my own Parents are) who really embrace the responsibilities that come with child rearing. OK. Enough of my rant. Cheers to you all.

rene said...

I LOVE what you write. You guys have done such a great job in raising such a bright and happy child. You should be proud, of Sophie and of yourselves. :)

Peter, international stay-at-home-dad of mystery said...

She looks so much like you in this picture .. very cute!