Saturday, December 09, 2006

Where's my happy baby gone?

The search for the appartment grinds on, but the part that makes me completely depressed is that my daughter is being traumatised by all this moving around.

Sophie learnt to smile at around 6 weeks, and never stopped doing it since. Friends who knew her in Turin all remarked upon how calm and happy she is. Even random strangers on the street would invariably be enchanted by her easy grins.

But all that seem to have stopped this week. She doesn't have the words to express her confusion, but she keeps looking around the different appartments and people and wants to hang around me all the time.

But it is a terrible decision for me. Whether to take her with me to view appartments where she misses her naps and gets cranky, or leave her alone with my mother (whom she doesn't know very well) and then she becomes frightened and starts crying whenever she can't find me.

At such time I feel like I really need to look at videos like this one so that I can remember that I have a very happy baby who just needs some time to settle but will eventually come back!


~e~ said...

oh dear, it's really hard on all of you, having to uproot and start a new life in Beijing. but you've got what it takes to get through this. i hope Sophie settles in soon and we can get to see more happy, gurgging videos of her. Hang in there!

Gia-Gina said...

We miss Sophie's smiles too. V is grumpier than ever and sometimes I wish we could do a day trade. ha ha

Ex Night Queen said...

I hope that as I write this Sophie is back to her normal happy, excitable self! I'm sure she'll bounce right back up! Happy New Year y'all!