Monday, December 04, 2006

First Post from China

We have arrived in China. After 9 hours in a completely full plane from Paris to Beijing.

When doing a Big Move, the best way to not become sentimental and miss your friends is to:

(1) have no fixed plans untill the last minute;

(2) stay awake late all the week before you move; and

(3) travel with your baby.

We basically didn't sleep the whole night flight (although Sophie managed some shut eye in her bassinet). I wanted to murder the crew memeber who woke me up for breakfast after I had finally dropped off. Why do they always do this?! I know there are stickers which you can put on your seat which say "don't wake me for meals" but how come they always fall off the fabric/ don't exist on Air France?

Oh yeah - in all that rush I left my mobile phone charger still plugged into the home socket at home. So you cannot phone me on my mobile after all... Email access is good though.


mini said...

how long will you guys be living in china? hopefully it'll be the last stop?

Anonymous said...

Sharon! I am so glad that you have arrived safely even if you are exhausted. I am sorry that we didn't get to say goodbye properly in Turin, but I too hate goodbyes... Zubin misses Sophie so much and I am really heartbroken that they won't get to have regular playdates. Anyway, keep this blog up to date so that we can see what you're all up to! xo Shilpa