Thursday, December 14, 2006

we are in France

We are in Gilles and Damienne's lovely home in Treuzy. It is a small town in the countryside near Fontainbleu and surrounded by fresh green countryside. There is roaring fire in the living room and Sophie is asleep in her bedroom. I am posting this quickly whilst Damienne makes dinner, and I cannot wait to taste it (if you haven't had one of her dinners you haven't really lived).

Sophie and I just spent two great nights at Sandra and Etienne's home in Paris. Sophie got to play with the adorable Laetitia and me and Sandra got to go to the quai branley museum. No photos I can upload (unless Sandra can blog it) because my camera cable is in Beijing.

Being in France amongst all our family and friends is so nice after all the stress of appartment hunting in Beijing. Two LifeSaving people were Denis and my Mommy, without them we would have had a really difficult time house hunting.

Finally we did find an appartment; and it is unfurnished; so I will need lots of Appartment Therapy!


Peter said...

Glad you get to rest a bit and too bad your forgot that #$%@^ camera cable (happens to all of us)

And .. for your apartment therapy .... IKEA is everywhere .. even in Beijing

mini said...

sounds lovely where u are. :)

hey u can even replace your cute red ikea couch with the same one in beijing lol

Michael Low said...

Seee? Told you things would get better...hugs...Blessed Christmas in advance!