Friday, December 01, 2006

In a way, I am glad to move

There is a diaspora of our stuff. Some comes to China in hand luggage (mostly clothes), Furniture is either given away/ sold and goes in a container to France, and books and Sophie's kitchen (she has a dedicated blender and pressure cooker for sterilising her stuff) will be packed for airmail within the 300 kg limit.

My house is a mess and frenzy of packing. In a way I like this activity. It gives me no time to feel sad because I am just running pillar to post.

I am also pretty happy to move because then we can look for a specific baby-proof house. Right now we have too many enticing things just at a crawling kid's height. I hated packing before, but now when you have to turn around every 2 minutes to see whether your kid is eating the houseplant or trying to electrocute herself then it is just impossible. Thank you Thank you Amber and Gina for looking after Sophie whilst I _try_ to pack.

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Gia-Gina said...

It was so fun taking care of Sophie and riding your house of unwanted bugs.