Wednesday, December 20, 2006

photos and phone update

There is one photo online of Lae and Sophie in playing in Sandra and Etienne's appartment in Paris, and it can be found by following the link here

Now that we are in Armentieres, I am using Fab's dad's phone and it is:
+33 60 624 30 1913

Our adress also is ...

Sophie Thibault
66, Boulevard Faidherbe
Armentieres, 59280

if not, my italian mobile NOW works too (only when i do not need to use it)

random update: Gilles, Damienne Sophie and me went to church last Sunday and even though it is an old unheated stone church, we made sure we were all bundled up and enjoyed ourselves immersed in the glowing Christmas spirit.

Yesterday Sophie met her other baby cousins - Alice and Faustine at the "gouter des bebes chez Mamie" The grandmother of Fabien oganised a gouter for her last petits arrieres (great grandchildren) who will probably be sleeping when everyone has the big family meeting this Saturday. It was a cuteness overdose!

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