Thursday, February 09, 2006

Be Nice to Strangers

I was going to blog about my London trip but got overtaken by events. Coming back from London yesterday night, and a Japanese girl near me with food poisoning. I started talking to and helping her (buy tickets for the airport bus and small administrative things at the airport). On the bus to Porta Nuova, she explained to me that she was invited to a Winter OIympics opening ceremony and she gave me the extra ticket she happened to have ... It was for the opening of the Russian Olympic village, where all the rich sponsers and press were for a big party.

Anyone that thinks that Communism has overtaken the Russian imperialist mentality is mistaken - these people sure know how to party! Three things seem infinitely supplied here - Salmon, Caviar and Vodka. I couldn't take photos of the caviar table because it was too crowded, but here are some of the things we ate to go with it - tell me if you recognise anything.

There was also all the other foods (I don't know the names) and barbecued meats, breads and soups served by people wearing ethnic costumes. They were taking a press photo in their lovely clothes, so I quickly sneaked in and took one too...

I took some pictures of the vodka girls and there was also Miss Russia mingling with us (she is very pretty - so all you guys can get really jealous now!).

It is funny how many Italians think that my Japanese friend and I looked Russian, and start speaking to us in Russian. The only thing I found useful to say was Извините. [izvi`neete] Я не понимаю. [`Ya ne pani`mayu] --
Sorry I don't understand you

I had a glimpse into the VIP tent, where they were looking at the "Russia Air Balloon" getting fired up. They had also unlimited champagne to go with the even better categories of caviar, so forget egalitarianism! The only thing which was a bit tiring was the endless Russian music which gets a bit repetitive when you don't know the what they are singing about.

It appears that the Russian athletes are confident of wining quite a few gold medals this year (if not they may turn off the gas...ha ha ha). I took a picture of the woman's curling team. I hope they do well (they are also very beautiful). If you can read Russian, that's their mascot playing curling...

Anyway, the moral of my story is that you should always be nice to strangers, and if you are lucky then maybe there's a party you can go to at the end of it.


mini said...

s welcome back!!! :) the party looks like a blast! i want caviar too!! hey i'm curious what brand of vodka do russians actually drink??? and omg..i didn't think anyone other than the canadians participated in curling haha

ps. asian looking russian people (khazaks?) fascinate me. there are several who frequent this russian restaurant nearby. i know i's rude to stare.

Nisha said...

Wow, what a wonderful reward! I guess what goes around does come around any form :-)