Thursday, February 16, 2006

Valentine Olympics

Fab and I spent Sunday walking around Torino, soaking up the great Olympics atmosphere.

It was a truly beautiful winter day - crisp clear and sunny with lots of people thronging the streets looking for last minute discounts (sadly all the sales are over and the summer collection is coming in) and trying out the chocolate fair on the streets.

We spent 14 Feb watching the women's ice hockey match between Switzerland and Germany. The German team were much faster and technically skilled, and although the Swiss fought bravely, the better team won. The Swiss fans brought cow bells into the stadium! I am upset because I left my camera at home on the basis that security/metal detectors would be very sticky, but they let a bloody cow-bell into the stadium!???

so yep, no photos, but you can read about it here:

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clara said...

Oooh. Nice way to spend V-day - cavorting in the snow. :P

I've been following whatever's been showing on telly here. Mainly I've seen the Women's and men's alpine downhill skiing, the men's skeleton (wow,looks like fun, I wanna do it too) and the women's combined. *sigh* If I were younger, I'd go set up a Singapore team for the next Winter Olympics.