Friday, February 10, 2006

Sharon in London

It was snowing when I left Turin. This is our Courtyard with fresh early morning snow - pretty huh?

This is us meeting for some kind of Chinese New Year dinner. Unfortunately, had food poisoning on the weekend I arrived in London, so only managed to just meet friends briefly but did not manage to go to chinatown at all!

From the Millenium Bridge, London kind of looks a bit Parisian. I liked Saint Paul's Cathedral so much that I went back twice to see it.

This is Rose and Martin a few minutes after we spoke to Jac on the phone in KL!

I wanted to show you Eddie's appartment, and warn you never to leave your prized plants with Ed or Eric unless you don't mind running the risk of losing them. Even if you have a "self-watering pot"!! That being said, it was a lovely weekend in Greenwich and everyone is doing great and I am delighted to see them all again.

This is Andrew checking up his big book of biographies for Sam Shepard. We just watched "The Late Henry Moss" in the theatre near his home, and we are trying to find out what the other things he had written. It's a nice potrait shot actually...

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