Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ickle Break

Will be taking a blog hiatus.

Going to be in London and will return on 9 Feb (in time for the Olympics!).

To Do List
Quite apart from boring work-related stuff, I will...
- Discuss with Eddie more environmental ethics
- Lepak with Rose and Martin
- Chill with Dan (and his fiance!), LJ, Paul, Lucy and Randal as they descend upon London (to see yours truly)
- Watch Panto with Diane, and go shopping
- Make it for a play with Andrew
- Have Chinese New Year yummy food with Yong Kai, Sooks and Eileen
- Go to Chinatown and buy some pregnancy foods
- Catch the Dali Universe

Italian Mobile phone will be with me, but will try to keep it switched off.
Internet access will be intermittent.

Post Script added at 8pm
- as I write this, I'm breaking into a sweat and my tongue as gone numb.

This is because I figured that since Fabien was not coming back home for dinner tonight, I could conduct a little kitchen experiment which I've been meaning to do called ... (*drumroll*)

"How hot can I go?".

Since I've not been having spicy food for some time, I figure my tolerance levels have kind of gone down, and I just felt like calibrating it. So I made a spicy sambal sea bass pasta, with extra sambal belachan on the side, and now my nose is seriously running, and I've got chili high.. so forgive the more incoherent than usual ramblings...

The results - The max food to sambal ratio is about 1:1 per spoonful. Anything more than that and I might breathe fire.


mini said...

how fun! and gong xi fa cai in advance :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh London! Have loads of fun. Happy Anniversary too, and thanks for the plug on my site. +)

~e~ said...

London!!! I miss... Have fun! :)

Michael Low said...

Happy New Year! Enjoy London...snifff..I miss too..

at least you will get authentic chinese food on CNY...