Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Renaissance Cows

13- 15 Jan 06 = romantic weekend was spent in Florence - a goregeous Tuscan city. The cow parade was there this weekend.

Our favourite wacky cow is just outside the Palazzo Pitti - those lamps actually work!:

Cows in Florence must have a limited life span, given that a regional speciality is Florentine beef-steak! We give the award for best beef to Le Fonticine which grills them over an open charcoal fire and carves them up table-side...

We finished more than a kilo of steak!! Here is the photographic evidence:

We took our typical tourist picture over Ponte Vecchio - which looks really nice (and cold) at night

Also explored various gardens and admired the view over the river. In this picture please click to enlarge and note from the size of the castle in the background how high up we are - not bad for someone lugging around a few kilos of both baby and steak!

Of course we went to the museums on the tourist trail, and I won't bore you with the descriptions of lots of oil paintings - you just have to go check them out yourself if you like galleries. However, one that does deserve a special mention is the Leonardo Da Vinci museum. This man was a GENIUS.

He had ideas so much way before his time in areas as diverse as architecture, hydraulics, flight, and mechanical/civil engineering. All that and being a wonderful painter at the same time. This is his work with mirrors - note how they've built the mock up according to his sketches =

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mini said...

i love the over turned cow! now how can I get one of those for my apt lol