Tuesday, January 24, 2006

perspectives 1 year on

On 22 Jan 2005, we were married in Singapore. It's a bit embarrassing to admit - but I forgot our anniversary, and Fabien remembered, so he got these great ORANGE flowers, which was a really pleasant surprise to wake up to in the morning. Umm Next One I'll remember ( June 4 - remind me okay?) ..

In a bid to reduce the pollution and get pure white snow for the Winter Games, road use in Turin was restricted. If your car was not below a certain pollutive standard, you were barred from road use. Just as well we had rented a car this weekend which we could drive - we had the road all to ourselves!

So we decided to drive up here (the church at the top of Mont Cappuchin) - you can see it behind the statue. It's that white looking building up the hill.

What was fun was going up these really tiny (less than 2m wide!) roads, and hoping like heck that nobody was going to come in the other direction. You can't really see it in the photo, but if I put my hand out of the window, I could touch the side of the hill.

The view from the top was really lovely. It seemed appropriate that there was a church there, whre we could give thanks! Bright sunny winter's day and lunch at the restaurant on top of the hill is a great way to celebrate 365 days of being legally conjoined, waiting for our first kiddie, celebrating life, love and our many many blessings!

This is a hill-top view of the Mole Antonella which is just behind our home. It houses the Cinema museum, and is the tallest brick building in Europe.

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mini said...

oh gosh ... realized I don't remember when we registered our marriage. but check out this site ...great for folks like us who can't remember dates ... sends SMS too! :)