Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Blue eyed Babes

I can't tell you the gender, but I can tell you what colour eyes our kid is going to have.

Murphy is likely to be born with blue eyes. For the first 6 months of his/her life anyways. Kinda like a kitten, the eye colour of human babies change after birth. check this link

Apparently according to this site: ...

the colour of a person's eyes are dependent upon a structure called the iris. The colour of the iris derives from the presence, and number, of pigmented cells called melanocytes. These cells migrate from the neural crest during embryonic neurulation and make their way to their final destination where they differentiate and start producing pigment.

In a newborn infant, not all the neural crest cells have yet found their way to the iris and started producing pigment. Therefore the retinal pigmented epithelium (RPE) portion of the retina (whose melanocytes are derived from the neuroectoderm not the neural crest) can be seen through the iris.

So when you look into the eyes of a newborn, you basically see the dark grey or bluish tinge of the retina itself. It can be up to six months before all the cells become established and produce pigment, and the iris takes on the characteristic colour it will have for the rest of that person's life.

Afterwards Murphy will have dark brown eyes like me. But will carry the recessive blue eye gene from Fabien, thus giving rise to the possibility of other blue-eyed descendents.

So there you go. Science of eye colour 101. Though I doubt you are really fussed!


kiddo said...

Hey ... keep us posted on whether it's a boy or girl. Luc wants to send something nice :D

ylisa said...

Time to find me a blue eyed boy to get that recessive blue eye genes... but I might have read somewhere that you need both parents to have blue eyes??

S* said...

Ylisa - try this link if you want to know more:

And good luck on finding your blue-eyed boy!~~