Thursday, December 01, 2005

Who are your friends?

Nope, I am not going paranoid, and those mushrooms for dinner are perfectly fine. I wanted to post something like this on 25 Dec, but I realise I will probably not be online, so better say it earlier than later.

I thank God for being blessed with friends - people like you reading this now (yeah - like all 2 of you).

So who are our friends? What makes someone a friend? The biologist might say you just like the way the other person pheromones smell. But I'd like to believe it is a bit more than that... I think one key trait defining all my friends is generousity. My friends are by and large very generous, and I don't mean merely with money, but with their knowledge, their comfort, their advice, their efforts and their time.

It is wonderful and I feel truly blessed. Even by the people we have met in Turin, it is amazing how warm and open they can be in just a really short space of time - and I am not just talking about the 4-legged and furry kind of buddies either.

Merry Christmas! You are Loved!


rhys said...

Merry Christmas to you and numa numa yei! Just caught chicken little and e and i couldnt help bursting out laughing when the chick was doing the breakdance ting to your wedding ditty! Fond memories!

Anonymous said...

awww - lurve you too Shaz!