Sunday, December 11, 2005

Happy Birthday!!

I am 28 years old on this day. My brother Shaun is 24 years old - Yup we share it...

I am sure my parents planned it like this so that we only get ONE joint birthday AND christmas present for 2 children ... (sneaky Singaporeans huh?)

Happy Birthday anyways Shaun.

I don't think we celebrate birthdays very much in my family, but Fab's family likes to make a bit of an occasion of it. Unfortunately with the death of Bon-papa, it was not possible to do anything too grand (and we were leaving for Geneva) so we had birthday breakfast for me in Armentieres.

What was a little logistics nightmare, was that Fabien had organised a little surprise party for me, with our friends, at home in Turin, but had to cancel everything at the last minute because we had to drive back to France - Thank you sweetie - it was the thought that counts.

Akan Datang!

(which is Malay for "coming soon")

Will soon post a little more about
1) the Funeral of Bon-Papa and our thoughts
2 Geneva and meeting my Trade Law friends

PS - thank you especially to Joan, Jean Nie and other unamed friends for sending your happy birthday wishes - it is very sweet of you...


olivier said...

Joyeux anniversaire !

Shaun Lee said...

Happy Birthday Sharon!!!

I know it is kinda weird saying that. Anyways, I will be in Korea soon, so I can give you a call alongside pa and ma.


Michael Low said...

Happy Birthday dear! Funnily enough, I celebrated my birthday this year in Geneva too!! Have a great one!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sharon. May all your dreams come true. xx D

mini said...

wow that's mad coincidance that you guys have the same b'day! my brother and I are exactly 1 year and 3 days apart :) thank goodness we didn't have to share gifts

clara said...

Happy Belated Birthday! It's now in my Palm Pilot so I will never forget!

~e~ said...

Happy Birthday dearie!!! :)
didn't know you were a Dec baby... but now i'll remember it.
Happy Birthday to Shaun too!:)

Antagony Aunt said...

happy birthday honey!! sorry i am so crap at remembering dates. does love include being forgetful when it matters? or just a hope of being forgiven? hope you were very very very happy.

a LOT of love,