Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Game Season upon us

Torino means "little bull" and the Piemontese are justly proud of their meat and dairy products. I try to buy organic milk, honey and cheese from the fresh market, but organic meat is hard to find. So I am pretty happy to know that game season is upon us - wild game tastes great.

Game cusine is popular in this reagion, partly due to its the long association with hunting. One of the most beautiful hunting lodges and the summer palace of the House of Savoy is Stupinigi , located 10km outside Turin. The Savoy dynasty were monarchs over Sardinia and Italy. The monarchy ended on June 12 1946, because Italy became a republic and exiled all male Savoy descendents.

Tough tits for them, but thanks to their royal hunting traditions, we have these great regional specialities:
Stambecco Brasato
Civet di Camoscio
Cervo al Ginepro

BTW - Stupinigi is no longer a hunting lodge but an art museum, and its surrounding forests have become a natural park... Elaine and Irene tried to see it but missed it - so you guys have an excuse to come back!!

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