Friday, November 04, 2005

Koh Samui honeymoon

After 2 weddings, one international move and an August French holiday to recover from all that, we decided that it was time for our Asian honeymoon on Koh Samui. (life is tough luvvies...)

We spent 10 days in this villa , and we loved every moment of it. It did have the potential to be utterly boring, given that we didn't plan our usual holiday barrage of sight-seeing and sports activities. There is no TV or DVD player in the villa, but we ended up playing cards, and otherwise creating our own entertainment.

.... scrub your filthy mind...

Most days were spent reading, having blissful spa sessions or going to the beach and having nobody around you for miles and miles.

So the next time you consider a holiday think of a nearby destination, not too expensive with lots of privacy and a good book (spouse is an optional extra).


Anonymous said...

filthy mind? moi? never!!

jhybeturtle said...

it looks amazing babe.. i'm glad to hear that the mad trotting is (dare i say it?) climaxing (!!) into this idyllic loving time together. seeing jeanz next week and kait! cant wait.. time is indeed a flip flying cheekster. i cant wait to see you :)