Friday, September 30, 2005

Seoul thus far

I have discovered my inner geographer. Maybe it is a result of too much Discovery channel on Korean cable tv, but I realise now how much a country and culture is shaped by its climate.

My dad and I were discussing Kim Chi - the potent pickled and spiced cabbage (and other veggies) which is eaten at every meal in Korea (including breakfast). This is quite integral to Korean cusine, and is a result of their harsh climate - Long and cold winters, not much arable land. This means a single summer harvest of fruit and vegetables, and pickling and preseravatives the rest of the year. The national sport seems to be mountain climbing, and in recent times, snow sports. Once again, this is due to the lovely and imposing mountains around Seoul. Makes me wonder how Singapore developed a national sport at all.

This weekend we are going to the DMZ. Will post more about it later.


Anonymous said...

Following your analysis, it is clearthat Singapore dvp shopping as a national sport !


kiddo said...

At the risk of sounding like a paranoid aunty, please DO NOT EAT any kim chee made in China. I heard there have been complaints by Koreans that the Chinese made kim chee sold to Korea is cheaper than locally made but have questionable health standards.

~ Kit

~e~ said...

DMZ is interesting. And the scenery is pretty - snowcapped mountaints, lotsa greenery (hmm.. maybe not in autumn)

Hopefully Pangmanjeom (is dat how you spell it?) is open for visitors when you go. It was closed when I visited cos of some military exercise.