Monday, October 03, 2005

Just a bit of frill

warning - girly post

I just had my hair highlighted and had a hair trim and treatment here. Dammit Koreans can really do hair great!

With sign language and gesturing I managed to tell the hairdresser that my highlighted hair had grown longer and the roots were all black and boring. So she managed to match the original highlighting to my roots, and made everything nice and even. It looks like my hair grows out with natural highlights ~sooo proud~

Love the way she could just figure it all out (okay in retrospect it is pretty obvious) But when you don't speak the language, the potential for a hair disaster area is just enormous... (*shudder*)

I also found this place in Itaewan underground market that does custom made boots. You select the leather and design from some fashion magazines, the old guy measures your foot and calf, and you pick them up in 10 days - easy! I will pick mine up on Friday, so I hope they turn out like the magazine picture! I asked him for a simple low-heeled calf-high boot in black leather with a single matte silver buckle just below the ankle and the zipper on the side. I hope I don't end up with cowboy boots for line dancing!

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zzzzz... said...

Those cowboy boots would go well with the hair of yours that "grows out with natural highlights". Heh heh.